Planning law touches upon on the lives of most people. The issues with regard to house construction and residential and commercial development have become infinitely more intricate and complex in recent years. This practice offers expertise in the area of processing Planning Objections and Appeals to local authorities and An Bord Pleanala. In the event that An Bord Pleanála does not uphold the desired outcome and appellant recourse may be available in certain circumstances to the High Court by way of application for Judicial Review.

There is a significantly growing corpus of caselaw and legislation dealing with issues of Planning and Development. The higher Courts frequently have to adjudicate upon Planning disputes particularly having regard to the volume of cases and issues which come before the local authorities and An Bord Pleanala.

Environmental Issues
The acknowledgement and recognition of the importance of natural habitats in terms of special areas of conservation, national heritage areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty etc have caused very significant effects to land owners and member of the public. Frequently competing interests arise between land owners, non-governmental organisations and state bodies in relation to such issues. Independent objective and impartial advice governed with knowledge and expertise in this area is essential before embarking upon what can be a very costly litigation in such areas of the law.

Waste / Slurry
Increase in populations and the increase in commercial, residential and industrial development have resulted in issues of waste management and the extraction of stone, gravel and minerals from quarries to become major environmental issues. Again such disputes operate at the point of conflict between developers and concerned members of the public and/or local authorities. Such disputes giving rise to diverse competing interests which are governed by legislation new and old frequently now come before the High Court.