The practice of Walter P. Toolan & Sons operates from on of the most prestigious suites of lawyers’ offices in the Republic of Ireland. The offices comprising of approximately 10,000 square feet has been architect designed and commissioned by Mr. Colin Bell renowned Environmental Architect from Sligo. The building has been nationally recognised and has won the 2008 Best Eco Authority in the Local Authority Management Awards 2008.

It is a purpose and custom built solicitor’s office specially designed for the modern needs of lawyers and their clients. It has been specifically designed to take account of the most modern advances in environmental architecture for the purposes of energy conservation, creating a healthy workspace and creating a blueprint landmark building for environmental construction.


Ground Floorpict0063-med

  • Dedicated Consultation Rooms
  • Extensive reception area with large naturally lit and ventilated atrium. The atrium is planted with exotic species of trees such as the Norfolk Island Pine and Wollemi Pine trees. The wood used to design the reception area is custom made from Irish hardwood timber and the front doors are specially commissioned oak doors.
  • Each office housing our legal team is again naturally ventilated with ample natural light purposely designed to promote good health and well being. The south facing aspect of the building is of great benefit when it comes to indeed heating and lighting the rear of the building, capturing passive solar gain. Cross ventilation is used instead of air conditioning meaning the theme of nature and well being can be upheld all year through.
  • There is a novel use of space in our archiving room with an expanding file storage system in place. The levered rolling system saves approximately 50% of the floor space.
  • The office is heated using an ecologically friendly system. The rear of the property houses a boiler room which is home to a wood pellet burner. Thanks to the ecologically friendly design of the office, in summer with all the large windows capturing the warm rays of the sun, there is rarely any need for the burner to be active.

First Flooroffice pic

  • We have a large Board room which we use for conferences with the facility for video conferencing in place, and also our larger meetings. It is equipped with the latest technology to include internet audio visual and multimedia technology.
  • Two very large offices and a staff canteen is also present to the rear of the building with three smaller offices to the front of the building.



Second Floorpict0037-med

  • The third floor again contains four offices. A legal library is also included on this floor which is home to over 107 years of legal literature, research and caselaw dating back to when the office first opened in 1901.





Top floorpict0061-med

The top floor of the building is where the most unique feature of our office can be found. To carry on the theme of well being in the workplace, a roof garden complete with fresh flowers and pond was constructed.