A Tradition Of Excellence

Gabriel Toolan, BA, Dip Environmental & Planning Law,
Solicitor, Accredited Mediator.
Gabriel Toolan was educated at Summerhill College and attended University College Dublin. He graduated with an honours BA degree and qualified as a solicitor in 1989 and for the past 27 years has worked in Walter P. Toolan & Sons. He has been the principal of the firm since 1998.
Gabriel is an Accredited Mediator and has a Diploma in Environmental and Planning Law. He is currently pursuing an LLM Degree in the University of Strathclyde, in Scotland.

For over 106 years, the firm of Walter P Toolan & Sons, incorporating the practices of Peter Canning and James A Kiernan, has been at the heart of legal practice in Co Leitrim and west Cavan.

With its main office situated in Ballinamore and an additional permanent branch office in Arva, Co Cavan, the firm has been providing continuous legal service for well over a century.

From an era when motor cars were few and far between and before the typewriter, let alone the computer, was even heard of, the firm has established itself as one of the leading practices in the North West of Ireland.

In the early years of the 20th Century, Mr Kiernan founded his practice, despite the turbulence which marked this period of Irish history.

He developed a developed a burgeoning practice which developed further under the guardianship of his successor, Peter Canning, ably assisted by Law Clerks, Hugh Maloney and John Canning.

In 1944, the late Walter P Toolan took over the helm of the practice, a position he held for over 55 years.

His record of steady dedication and single minded focus on providing an excellent standard of legal service has formed the bedrock upon which the consolidation of the practic has been founded.

In time, Walter’s own sons, Brian and Gabriel, joined him in the practice. Brian serving for 25 years until his retirement in 2003, while Gabriel has since taken over the practice, bringing it yet further into the new millennium with the design and construction of purpose built offices completed earlier this year.

With such an incredible history behind it, Walter P Toolan & Sons has become one of the most recognisable firms in the region and, through Gabriel and his staff, this practice looks set to continue its fine tradition of excellent service well into the foreseeable future.


James A. Kiernan, Solicitor 1901 – 1926
Peter Canning, Solicitor 1926 – 1943
John Canning, Law Clerk 1935 – 1981
Johnny McHugh, Law Clerk 1917 – 1971
John H. Palmer, Law Clerk 1971 – 2007